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Species Molecular Weight (kD) Density (g/L) Radius (A) Reference
IgG 150 D $55.1 \pm 0.3$ [1]

Diffusion of in water:

  • Alone at pH 7.6: $D~= 3.89 \times 10^{-9}\ m^{2}/s$ [1]

Diffusion of in PBS:

  • $D~= \times 10^{-10}\ m^{2}/s$

Diffusion of in cellular matrix:

  • $D~= \times 10^{-10}\ m^{2}/s$
1. Jossang, T., J. Feder, and E. Rosenqvist, Photon-Correlation Spectroscopy Of Human-Igg. Journal Of Protein Chemistry, 1988. 7(2): p. 165-171.
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